In Bound Calls
· Live – phone answered immediately (within ͵ 3rings)
· Provide assistant with appointment, take appropriate message & triage response
Out Bound Calls
· Reconfirm appointment
· Assist physician, staff and nurses with call return – prescription refills, lab results, insurance preauthorization and prepare referrals as pre practice guide line
On Call Service During off hours
· Secretarial Service – provide assistance to physician with support service 24*7*365


can help you analyse your current revenue cycle operations and focus on ways to improve revenue capture and collection. Assessment includes:
· Set up Revenue cycle management system.
· Denial Review
· Net Collection Rate
· Gap Analysis
· Software requirement
· Front Desk staff requirements


Better customer service; highest patient satisfaction; Reduce stress at front office; Reduce staff turnover


UMEDuae can help you analyze your current revenue cycle operations and focus on ways to improve revenue capture and collection. Assessment includes:
· Set up Revenue cycle management system; Denial Review; Net Collection Rate; Gap Analysis; Software requirement; Front Desk staff requirements (repeated again ?? should be taken off)


Integrated service offerings:
We offer comprehensive integrated practice management services which can be specific and tailor made.

Quality of Service:
We are fully committed to monitor all the delivery Service Level Agreements (SLAs) that have been committed to clients. We work with dedicated training organizations across the various service delivery areas to develop training curriculum specific to the needs and new processes.

Our HR department conducts extensive background checks on all new employees." Employees can access system only with valid logins & passwords. Access to sensitive information is on a "need to know basis”. We take all compliance related concerns of our customers very seriously and we address them proactively. All our employees receive confidentiality training as required by HAAD/HIPAAȌ and must sign confidentiality agreements.

Staff – We hire them, we train them and we monitor them!

Every UMEDuae employee is among the best, brightest, and most ethical people in the workplace today. Our team understands the criticality & confidentiality of the data they deal with. We have experience to add to the mix as well.

Our people are our strength and we believe on continuity. We have acquired deep understanding of health services and billing processes that helps us deliver better value and result to our clients. It’s always been UMEDuae philosophy that “we as a company are just as good as our people”. And therefore UMEDuae has invested in best of the talent available, quality training, certification and overall growth of its team members. Having a vigorous and continuous training process allows us to showcase a strong sense of internal commitment towards their clients and ensures verification of competencies.

Security and Compliance – we are not scared but we care for it!

UMEDuae has valued the principles of HAAD/HIPAA, confidentiality and security with highest sincerity and required attention. We strictly ensure signing of Business Associate Agreement is with all our associates. We also encourage getting into Non-disclosure Agreement with our customers to establish confidence and good faith. Security measures such as but not limited to physical checks at the entry and exit, 100% Access control for workstation, applications and network, authentication through two level user verification, periodical mandatory change of passwords, storing the sensitive data in encrypted format, regular backups in duplicate, surveillance through cameras with 24*7 recording and backups and periodic training and retraining are in place and are reviewed at a regular interval by the security committee.