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By relying on an expert third party medical billing company like Umed, you can enjoy the long-term benefits that come with our revenue cycle specialists consistently providing accurate and efficient billing services for your specialized medical practice. We are committed to tracking all submissions and resolving medical claim issues as expeditiously as possible. We offer a team of revenue cycle specialists which includes certified coders, experienced billers, insurance coordinators and RCM Managers who use advanced workflow technology to successfully navigate complicated regulations surrounding the reimbursement process.

How UMED Can help you to Improve Your Revenue Cycle:

United American Equipment & Medical Supplies is a leading healthcare company that offers comprehensive and dynamic revenue cycle management solutions designed to meet the demands of the changing healthcare economy. With Umed’s supporting your practice, you will receive:

  • Third party billing• Third party billing
  • Specialty-specific medical coding services (diagnosis and procedure)
  • Accounts receivable management
  • Eligibility verification•
  • Data scrubbing and payer-specific rules processing and demographic verification
  • Collecting / checking / scanning of the required documents.
  • Reports on the work done will be sent on daily, weekly and monthly basis.

Our outsourced medical billing and coding services are delivered by skilled RCM specialists who will:


Reconciling all chargesreceived against your service to ensure all services rendered have been submitted for payment


Reviewing and tracking payments received from payers for accuracy and appropriateness

comprehensive reporting

Increasing business transparency via timely and comprehensive reporting

Identifying opportunities

Identifying opportunitiesto improve practice efficiency


Proactively recognizing potential compliance issues to avoid delays or denials


Our service begins with assistance in ensuring consistently correct coding. Our professionals provide personal service to ensure we handle your billing effectively through the entire cycle:
effectively through the entire cycle:

• Pre-billing review & tips on coding
• Coding Analysis
• Claims filing and appeals
• Preparation and delivery of correspondence
• Billing or Revenue Cycle Management
• Managing inquiries – patients, insurers and regulatory authorities
• Financial management reports – account receivables and revenue

With UMED working as a part of your team, you spend less time worrying about dealing with insurance companies, denied claims due to errors, or collecting payments. When you choose Umed, you’ll partner with a medical billing company focused on your financial interests and collecting the maximum revenue you’ve earned. Contact us today and discover the advantage to outsourcing revenue cycle management tasks to UMED.